EVIL’s Plans to Cloud the IC Title

From Tokyo Sports

EVIL, who will challenge Chris Jericho for the IC title on November 3rd, revealed his his intentions with the InterContinental title.

On October 8th, he was attacked by Y2J and was named as the next challenger. EVIL says, “It’s not like I didn’t expect his attack, but I wasn’t expecting it at that moment. I guess he was too afraid to stand in front of me. I respect what he’s done in his career, but I’ll  use that as my stepping stone to get ahead.”

Also, as ‘The King of Darkness’, he warns of a darkness that may befall the IC Title, “I’ll vanish everything the previous champions have done. I will cover the IC title in darkness.”

His companion, Naito from LIJ, has the distinction of destroying the title while EVIL looks to turn it black.

If he succeeds on taking it from Jericho, his first defense match will most likely be at the Wrestle Kingdom. He already has eyes on his first challenger, “I’ll be watching to see how Naito vs Zack turns out. But first I’ll deal with Jericho.”

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