Naito Reveals Turning Down WWE Offer

From Tokyo Sports

On November 5th, Naito’s match against Jericho for the IWPG Intercontinental title was officially set. Surprisingly, Naito left before the end of the press conference due to the absence of Jericho. He also revealed that he had turned down a WWE offer just after the Dominion, in June.

Naito also alluded to New Japan’s focus on foreign market in an attempt to spread the brand world-wide.

Naito sees his match against Jericho as ‘Us vs the World’. Actually, after a week of his loss to Jericho in June, he was called by the biggest wrestling company in the world, the WWE. They asked Naito about his current contract period with New Japan, and upon its ending, if he’s willing to join the WWE. We can assume that his match against Jericho triggered this offer.

However, Naito immediately turned them down. Naito says, “I didn’t even need time to think about it. For me, this New Japan ring is the best ring in the world. Isn’t that what the fans who see us also believe? So, I don’t get why New Japan’s being so competitive with the WWE. They should instead focus on increasing satisfaction from fans within country before looking abroad.”

While Naito does criticize the company it comes from his love for NJPW. Naito goes on, “I don’t want you to to think I’m messing with Jericho because he’s a WWE superstar… I just want to get revenge against the man who beat me in my own home ring. That’s it.”

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